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Poetry Only – Fall 2023

Fall 2022. Vol. 46 No.2


“Horse Girls”

By Kayleigh Cline
for JL, et al. ㅤ We are horse girls, you and I, dreaming of destrier muscles and cathedral-arch ㅤ necks, of hooves hard- packing earth, and of dust-kissed ㅤ lashes splitting sunlight...


By Paul Vermeersch
You consulted your zodiac, and your sign had changed to eels. You wrote a personality test, and the results came back eels. You drew seven cards, and the cups and the stars...


By Laura Farina
I wake to find that in all my childhood memories our family dog has been replaced by a pig. Although I still have the photographs that confirm soft fur and sad eyes,...


Pigeon Woman by May Swenson

Reviewed by Gary Lemco

Nightlight by David Barrick

Reviewed by SJ Grimes

Letdown by Sonia Greenfield

Reviewed by Jeri Theriault

The Truth is Told Better This Way by Liz Worth

Reviewed by Melanie Janisse-Barlow

Throwing the Diamond Hitch by Emily Ursuliak

Reviewed by Michael Roberson


CV2 Holiday Wine Raffle!

By Contemporary Verse 2
Kick off your holiday season by entering the CV2 Holiday Wine Raffle! We're giving away a total of 30 bottles...

Foster Poetry Prize Deadline Extension

By Contemporary Verse 2
  You know how we all pretend there’s not going to be an encore after a musical performance, but we...

Fall Issue Launch

By Contemporary Verse 2
Join us next Wednesday, Oct 25, on Zoom, as we launch our Fall issue! With readings from contributors Sanna Wani,...