2019 2-Day Poem Contest Winners

Our judge for 2019 was Marcela Huerta (who won first place in the 2018 contest) and the ten words for 2019 were velour, pickerel, ensorcelled, scissor, toboggan, weave, gorge, cluster, serpentine, and gnathic.

Without further ado, here are the winners of CV2's 2019 2-Day Poem Contest:

First Place: “startled shut” by Jocelyn Anderson

Second Place: “Vermiculture” by Sarah Ens

Third Place: “Letter to Hannah from Vršovice” by Alison Braid

Editor’s Choice: “Black Snake: a love poem for Justin Trudeau” by Ashley Hynd

Editor’s Mom’s Choice: “March Thaw with Dead Robin” by Julian Day

People’s Choice: “Dwelling Pattern” by Razielle Aigen

Read the winning poems here.

The next 2-Day Poem Contest will be held in April 2020, and you can find more information about the contest here. Until next time!