2020 2-Day Poem Contest Winners

Our judge this year was Jocelyn Anderson (who won first place in the 2019 contest) and the ten words for 2020 were bootlegging, lethargy, eggplant, bin, paperback, carapace, muscle, octothorpe, peristeronic, and vinegar.

Without further ado, here are the winners of CV2‘s 2020 2-Day Poem Contest:

First Place: “Backwater” by Halle Gulbrandsen

Second Place: “The Last Block in Little India” by Roshni Riar

Third Place: “Silverton, July 2007” by Abigail Cowan

Editor’s Choice: “Welwitschia” by Chelene Knight

Editor’s Mom’s Choice: “To Twitter, with Love” by Katie Stobbart

People’s Choice: “Products of Scientific Notation” by Sarah Wishloff

You can read the winning poems here.

Our next 2-Day Poem Contest will be held in April 2021, and you can find more information about the contest here. Until next time!