Current Issue

Black Alive & Looking Back at You

Summer 2021. Vol. 44 No.1


Outside the Window, a Kite Show

By Ian Keteku
Ambitious boy chases a kite—reaches tries again, squats down and jumps half-a-foot in the air, the tallest he’s ever been. Kites like dreams aren’t meant to be caught they dance slow, close...

I Intend to Outlast

By Jameka Williams
I am not the same machine which came rambling off the conveyor belt, hugging the bolts & wires spilling from her vivisection. I’m last year’s model with a sleeker, softer system of...


By Elaine van der Geld
On the overpass above the QEW, / we dangled our wishbone arms over the green / metal rail. Cars coursed like blood in the lanes. / Your skinny shoulder against mine made...


2021 2-Day Poem Contest Winners

By Contemporary Verse 2
The results are in and we're so thrilled to share the winners of CV2's 2021 2-Day Poem Contest! Our judge...

“Black Alive & Looking Back at You” Launch

By Contemporary Verse 2
Join us this Thursday, July 22 at 7pm CT for the Zoom launch of our summer issue, Black Alive &...

People’s Choice — 2021 2-Day Poem Contest

By Contemporary Verse 2
Before we can announce the winners of this year's 2-Day Poem Contest, we need your help determining who will win...