Contest Winner Profile: Doyali Islam

The lovely Doyali Islam, 2015 winner of the Foster Poetry Prize, is here to encourage you to submit to this year’s contest! Read on to learn more about Doyali and to enjoy her gentle nudge towards submitting, then visit this link to submit your own work to the contest by 11:59pm CST tonight, November 8th.

Doyali Islam is a 2020 Griffin Poetry Prize finalist, Trillium Book Award for Poetry finalist, & Pat Lowther Memorial Award finalist for heft (M&S, 2019). Doyali was interviewed by Anne Michaels in the Spring 2019 issue of CV2, and a review of heft can be found in the Fall 2021 issue of CV2.

Encouragement if You’re Hesitant to Submit:
“If you don’t enter, you can’t win. Commit to your craft, go with your gut, & submit!”

We agree! Many thanks to Doyali for sharing these words and so much stunning work with us throughout the years.

This year’s contest closes at midnight CST. Up for grabs is $1000 in prizes and publication in CV2. Send us your work today!