Out of Line: Celebrating 40 Years

The Fall 2015 issue of CV2 is a collaborative project with The Winnipeg Review celebrating 40 years of poetry and critical writing in Canada. The “Out of Line” issue features a conversation with Katherena Vermette, visual art curated by Kegan McFadden for “A Putting Down of Roots,” a discussion with with Ray Hsu (accompanied by fabulous photos by Joey Armstrong), an interview with some of Winnipeg's young poets, as well as a strong collection of photography, poetry, essays and reviews.

This unique issue breaks free from CV2's usual aesthetic to combine words, images, and design together in what has become a beautiful and unique collaboration from a wide array of artists.

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And there's more! 

There are still three more events happening in the next two months as a part of “A Putting Down of Roots,” CV2's 40 year celebration: 

Wednesday, October 21 @ 12:30pm, Gallery 1C03, University of Winnipeg: Readings from Hannah Green and Sharanpal Ruprai

Thursday, November 12 @ 7pm, McNally Robinson: Launch of CV2's fall issue, which includes written content accompanying the exhibit.

Friday, November 13 @ 2:30-5:30pm, Room 2M70, University of Winnipeg: Writer's panels. Speakers include Jonathan Ball, Dennis Cooley, Clarise Foster, Ray Hsu, Maurice Mierau, Michelle Elrick, Jennifer Still and Katherena Vermette