2S + QTBIPOC Bodies

Winter 2021. Vol. 43 No.3

In this special issue guest edited by Joshua Whitehead, we are pleased to bring you spectacular new work by 2S + QTBIPOC writers from across Turtle Island and beyond. In the words of Joshua Whitehead himself:

“Find here poetics from across the globe: from Mapuche Nations, Nkweere and O’ahu; find poetics from across Turtle Island: from the Kumeyaay through to the Anishinaabe; and find here poetics that celebrate queerness in all of its messy and beautiful waypoints. These poems and these contributors highlight the vivacity and the tenacity of the BIPOC and queer voice, how these poetics alter and skew how we perceive the voice of a poem nestled in the body of one profoundly injured, again and again, systemically and imperially. Poems on ekphrasis, guides to harvesting wild rice, lamentations of prairie masculinity, intertextual interrogations of sharks and volcanoes, experimental visual poems highlighting familial loss in the pinprick of an endpoint. Most of all, witness here the ways in which embodied and bodily poetics become brilliant markers of histories and medicines written in the very convex of a bound spine.”