Meditations Between Emergencies

By Marika Prokosh
After Frank O’Hara / The night before they table the city budget I walk to Sherbrook Pool after dinner and for the first time this year the sun is still visible, or...

This Spring

By Kamila Rina
I am sitting cross-legged on my couch, watching my breathing intently like a miracle or a disaster in the making, paying attention to each slide of smooth muscle along the rib cage,...

I’ll Dial Your Number

By Jane Shi
5 You offer to run him over with your wheelchair. I come to you deceived and smelling of fish oil. You pat my back with your hospital gown grin. It’s so soft...
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By Sepideh Soltaninia
My father strikes a jujube tree and the sundried fruit balter into a bedsheet I hold below. How strange, to beat a living thing for its dying fruit. To wrest from it...
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By David Epstein
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By Kari Teicher
if there is no crease in a palm, how new is the baby how new is the wound, how deep when the doctor goes to wrest a sac from your insides he...
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Untraveled Orbits

By Krishnakumar Sankaran
Palm trees swish the edge of our hearing, too close to the air for any real communion. Water lips our toes, withdraws. Moored boats, like ancient spearheads, stand vigil against the sea....
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a basement birthday party in manitoba, 2006

By Roshni Riar
i offer to put aside my brownness if no one else will mention it, like a schoolyard trade of mediocre packed lunches, a promise that everyone will benefit from this lying for...
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In the future you are still here

By Hailey Siracky
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