Outside the Window, a Kite Show

By Ian Keteku
Ambitious boy chases a kite—reaches tries again, squats down and jumps half-a-foot in the air, the tallest he’s ever been. Kites like dreams aren’t meant to be caught they dance slow, close...

I Intend to Outlast

By Jameka Williams
I am not the same machine which came rambling off the conveyor belt, hugging the bolts & wires spilling from her vivisection. I’m last year’s model with a sleeker, softer system of...


By Elaine van der Geld
On the overpass above the QEW, / we dangled our wishbone arms over the green / metal rail. Cars coursed like blood in the lanes. / Your skinny shoulder against mine made...

Jet Lagged

By Izza Hassan
My mother never went outside / something about the sun, her skin / so I studied sacred geometry / and pedaled our personal ozone / round and round on my banana-seat /...
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Products of Scientific Notation

By Sarah Wishloff
                                                        You remember learning the...
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To Twitter, with Love

By Katie Stobbart
The body’s strongest muscle is the masseter. Found only in mammals, we use it to open & close the jaw. This doesn’t mean the heart is weak, beating its gentle syllabary of...
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By Chelene Knight
I was born in the gut of Blackness from between my mother’s particular thighs her waters broke upon blue-flowered linoleum and turned to slush in the Harlem cold —“To the Poet Who...
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Silverton, July 2007

By Abigail Cowan
Borrowed summerhouse, lethargy heavy in the rooms: a wall of rusted saws, a paperback on every surface, bin of silk scarves at the entrance to be worn, where? Town the size of...
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The Last Block in Little India

By Roshni Riar
Auntie lets lethargy cradle her bones as she stands beside her stall of mixed pickles and chutneys. She nods at passersby, the creased skin of her cheeks like the spine on a...