Cervical Vertebra Variation (3)

Backward-fold  the  cervical  atlas.  The  spinal incunabulum articulates the isochronal loral line. Hollow bone archaeology. Canarygrass reed, elemental cannulae, transitional fossil thoracentesis (Pulmonarius lithographica). Cryptic


Archaeopteryx. Air-swindler. Non-bird bird.  First flight


fires the neural arch. Trachea-crammed turning radius (mesotarsal ankle joint notwithstanding). Windpipe fipple, stippled hum (hyoid hymnody). Os sacrum. Sacral canal. Holy bone.

Sylvia Legris’ poems in this issue of CV2 are from her yet-to-be-published collection Pneumatic antiphonal, other poems of which have appeared in New American Writing, Conjunctions, and Prairie Fire.