from Aphrodite’s Birds

come, my birds.

let me whistle you down from the winter branches,

the bleached sky,

let me tease you into the open.


i have decorated my snowy skirts with diamonds.

come, my birds, come.


come my birds,

bring your tender selves through the bleached sky.


settle onto my wrists,

sing me your loved things,

rose hips and cranberries in the wind,

sundogs biting the frozen sky.


let me tease you with diamonds in the afternoon light,

let me lift my skirts and dance you a welcome.

let me dance you down, my birds.


let me dance you down,

let me welcome you with shining icicles

and dancing skirts of snow.


come, my birds, settle on my wrists,


settle on my wrists,

whistle me your white dreams.