Preparatory Glance


Clouds gather as we ascend into quiet

smell shaken solitude form of forest,

Abbot Pass above a thinner waft

named for man dead, fallen,

first among these rugged mountains.

Sinner, the snow still clings to scree,

gaiters and helmets galvanized

feet reach for ridge,

a ridge your reckless body renewed, now

ours lethargic placate into hut risen

for your parable name.

Into the clouds ghostly grave Lefroy,

trespassed snow from climbers passed,

reminder your failed ascent.


Secondary One


Sleep night numbly

first awake in barren eyes,

minute our bodies burdened,

rain preparation necessary, lace Gore-Tex.

Dark morning night

clouds capture stars sightless,

rocks dribble sound until snow encroaches;

we rest, rest, rise into form

cradle crampons arched to feet,

fumble with rope and new fashioned harnesses

dig into trespassers’ path, dug by climbers passed,

flake pellets fall lightly.

Steep the snow weighted ice,

silent steps into mist clouds trail,

body as one vertical slanting slope.

Storm clouds thunder,

distant storm come beckon our return,

futile exposed electric lightening passage, elusive. 


Peripheral Thought


And there was God

stars we could not see                   cloud enfoldment

And there was God

thunder labour                                              altitude attuned sinless

And there was God

crampon fallforever into hand

And there was God

dream numb                      reality precocious                                            near

And there was God

rock whisper echo echo echo the ghosts who came before. 

While working abroad in India in 2007, Ian Kent taught Shakespeare to Tibetan artists in exile and edited and contributed to Contact magazine. His poems have appeared in Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine, The Prairie Journal and Rhubarb