Lip Point for Bearded Women

This poem won Editor's Mom's Choice in 2-Day Poem Contest 2016

Board Meeting Minutes: Fiscal Moon, 2078, Skyrise


Hinky corporate suits toil

whisper fervent words

over glossy boardroom tables,

pray to politicians, shareholders

and two barely animate amphibians

blinking in their terrarium,


 “Make the fish come back

make the fish come back.

We’re sorry.” All that the lizards

could decipher was, “We’re broke.”


Oral History: No Moon, 2254, Not Earth


                                                                    your great nokom from seven generations ago always said you were her fortune. in 2078, when the giigoonhsag were on the verge of collapse (thirty years after experts predicted they would die off) she hover-boarded to the Pacific Ocean, to a place called the Bay of Umbilical Cords and Placentas. here, she got naked and waded into neap tide at setting sun. it’s said she floated supine into the future holding a tool in either hand: a knife and a curette. your nokom was a contrary, being facetious in the most serious of times. as she lingered in the refractions of the radiated emerald waters and fluorescent mango sun she is said to have relished what it did to her skin: “i look like a shimmering plum. it’s amazing how much more becoming polluted air and light can make an old woman’s prune skin appear. too bad i’m on another gig at the moment or i’d try to package this up and make a buck.”


E-News Archive: Salmon Moon, 2078


First person accounts indicate that all along the West Coast of the Americas, old women of variable shapes, colours, sizes, and mobility’s have been seen entering the ocean. Early reports indicate this is the first round of mass-suicides-as-demonstration against continued Corporate and State investment in global and intergalactic progress and development. Witnesses indicate hearing the women repeat a variety of words in different languages which all refer to fish. The women carry various kinds of knifes and what appear to be surgical tools. Also reported but not yet confirmed: the women are bearded.


Lip Point for Bearded Women, A Ceremony: No Moon, 2254, Not Earth


ceremonies to honour Grandmothers

who entered dilapidated oceans

found every festering feruncle

in the salt water of our ancestral life

Grandmothers whose curettes incised

poisonous wounds in caverns, crevices

and those swimmers still living, whose

beards absorbed the drainage, whose knifes

liberated their aching bodies from buoyant weight,

leaving bloodsalt&water, a wash for the living


ceremonies to honour Grandmothers

who saved the Fish and Us


ceremonies to honour Grandmothers

because hinky corporate suits didn’t

even when their prayers were answered