Rural Pantheon

An ad’s gone out in the village pages 

for Minor God of Incandescent Rages.


Likewise sought is someone young and able 

to serve as Lord of the Broken Ferry Cable,


which is needless to say a temporary job 

unlike the Spirits of the Quaking Bog


with positions offered on a rolling basis 

to romping boreal waiflike crazies. Praise


the Lord of Brief but Shaming Public Moments 

and Glory be to God of Smiting Garden Rodents.


Beware the Spirit of Dreams Involving Flight, 

for fickle is the Goddess of Prodigal Rights.

Sarah Wolfson’s poems have appeared in AGNI, Gulf Coast, Tupelo Quarterly and the Mid-American Review, among other print and web journals. She received an MFA from the University of Michigan and she was a finalist for the Poetry Foundation’s Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellowships for young poets. She is originally from Vermont but currently lives in Montreal, where she teaches at the McGill Writing Centre.