Semiotic Signs Approaching Winnipeg: General Sign Over Downtown (Now Outside It).

The hammer of judgement on the nails of practicality 

evokes the tendency to miss the point of actuality 

replacing it with exaggerated ambition of fiction

loather and lyncher of reality: avant gardes of friction.

Wpg: crucifixion of biting its nails: our poverty’s addiction

creates an image transcendent of simple commerciality…

It’s cubist perspective but with impressionist fallibility.

Or, in your cupped palms: red, yellow and green — a decision?

Kristian Enright is a writer seeking experience and seeks to study life as it happens around him, and while not a full-fledged new journalist, he is encountering being with increased enthusiasm. The poems submitted are all examples from his upcoming book, Post Modern Weather Report, which is the culmination of part of a PhD and of all the imaginative scraps from reading experimental texts.