sitting with my uncle

I can recall sitting with my uncle

that west end macdonalds

watching him smoke colts

sipping yesterday coffee

listen/talk that bush

camp story

piled on top of that

small town stony

plain jail story

pile like furs at the bay

too high to care

Of mickeys smuggled into jail

fashionable camouflage those

steel toed cow


stories of bull cooks

sprayed with a fire extinguisher

of cars rolling three times and back on the road and just keep driving stories

that crack in the cold that spit at the asphalt paycheck

should have written all those

stories down

sitting alone with my uncle

truck drivin’ tb man

hiding him in the closet

when the cops came by

tell that story from the roof

sitting alone

fast food talking

quick no bullshit all story

all alberta north

nar dreams

hitchhiking like stomping tom

all ways on the highway

stomping like a greaser guitar

stick your middle finger out

still get a ride

stick your ass on an oil rig midnite shift twelve hours to go

up and down that red hiway