you know they love you if they take your picture while you’re sleeping.

i take pictures because i feel like i understand things that way

if i feel i understand you even while you’re sleeping i must really feel it

so i may love you

maybe it’s any picture where they’re not looking

maybe it’s any picture


i can be very suspicious like love is


i have pictures of you sleeping and freshly awake

of you mid-gait and seated

of you in palm desert and at balboa park

and on the bay bridge and in argentina

in my room in michigan in your room in glen park

with your hand in front of your face

and a mouth full of salad on bancroft avenue


i don’t mind if this isn’t convincing

i dream your tongue back in me every night

Kayla Krut is an MFA candidate at the Zell Writers’ Program at University of Michigan. Her work has recently appeared in NEAT Magazine, the Berkeley Poetry Review, and the Brooklyn Review. She is from California.