This Is the Second Time Today

I’ve met the eyes of that workman in the building — this morning, and just now, around 8, when he smiled at me coming up the stairs. He doesn’t know that I’m the one who called 9-1-1 over a year ago after he was found twitching on the floor in the men’s room, his foreman quietly blaming chronic alcoholism to the secretaries afterwards. Each of us has been everywhere. We can all say:

You have no idea —

Only two years ago, an elk was found dead in a playground one morning. His antlers were caught in the swings, rendering him helpless against another buck. He couldn’t fight back. And now the city council in Banff, Alberta, removes swings from each of its children’s parks for the rutting season; there are signs everywhere —


To prove that I love you, I will copy what’s meaningful. It’s important, I don’t yet know a better word for it, but it’s important, to be tired, when you talk about anything.


Among other things, there isn’t anyone alive in the world who’s ever managed to stay awake as long as some folks are forced to —