2018 Young Buck Poetry Prize Longlist

Some words from Mallory Tater on what she looks for in a winning poem:
“To me personally, the best poetry is the kind that takes the internal landscape and sort of eddies it into the external smoothly and in a way that folk can connect to. I love to read poems with lush language, surprising imagery and unique narrative.”


Here is CV2's longlist for the 2018 Young Buck Poetry Prize:


“Tinder-Dry” by Alison Braid

“Cabin Fever” by Alison Braid

“Because You Know Birds' Mouths Are Clean” by Chelsea Comeau

“Mariposa (for Greg Curnoe)” by David Janzen

“One Year Old” by David Janzen

“Garbage Takeout” by Joseph Kidney

“Just Desserts” by Domenica Martinello

“Instructions for Post-partum Care” by Tamar Rubin

“Poppy” by Kari Teicher

“Fifteen Pounds” by Kari Teicher


Stayed tuned for an announcement of the shortlist next week!