2018 Young Buck Poetry Prize Winner

The Young Buck poetry prize is awarded to the author of the single best submitted poem, along with $1000 and publication in CV2. Three honourable mentions are also awarded, each with a cash prize.

The winner of the 2018 Young Buck Poetry Prize of $1000 is:

Joseph Kidney for “Garbage Takeout”

Honourable Mentions and $150 go to:

David Janzen for “Mariposa (for Greg Curnoe)”
David Janzen for “One Year Old”

The prize-winning poems will be published in our Summer 2019 Issue. 

Here is what our wonderful contest judge, Mallory Tater, had to say about her experience judging the contest and selecting the winning entry: 

“Judging this year’s young buck contest was challenging in whittling down my favourites when I enjoyed so many. It was heartening to see what other young writers are creating and how each submitted poem contained its own world of emotion, narrative and energy. Like the winning poem, Garbage Takeout, that deals with loss and smoke and autumn as arson shows us, it’s the quiet moments that create momentum in a poem, the small stirrings of a small week when the garbage is removed from a Santa Rosa apartment—the floss spooled, the tea-bags dry, the vase balanced. I read so many submitted poems that lived so well in their quiet. And thrived so tenderly in their conceived space.”

Thank you so much to Mallory, and to everyone who submitted their work! Until next time!