The Clarise Issue

Spring 2021. Vol. 43 No.4

Welcome to the Spring 2021 Issue (V.43.4) of CV2, lovingly referred to by our staff and board as “The Clarise Issue.” This issue is intended as a celebration of dear friend and long-time editor Clarise Foster. Clarise is retiring at the end of June, and publishing this issue feels like the least we can do to honour her hard work for the journal as well as her own writing, which has been put on the back burner for far too long.

Since taking over as managing editor of CV2 in 2001, Clarise has headed a small team of people who have worked together to revitalize CV2. This issue offers us a glimpse into that work. Here you will find it all: Clarise on the cover photographed by Winnipeg artist Karen Asher, Clarise in conversation with Winnipeg poet Jennifer Still, excellent new poetry both written and selected by Clarise, and many dedica- tions to Clarise from friends, board members, colleagues and of course, poets. In this special issue, you will find new work by Alex Manley, Karla Comanda, Sophie Crocker, and more. We are delighted to share the winning poems from the 2020 Young Buck Poetry Prize, as selected by judge Terese Mason Pierre, whose poetry also appears in the issue. We hope you enjoy these poems as much as Clarise and the rest of our staff do.