The Lyric Issue

Winter 2020. Vol. 42 No.3

In the submissions call for CV2’s newest installment, The Lyric Issue, we asked what the word “lyric” meant to our contributors. Does it conjure a favourite song? A feeling? A way words interact with one another? In response, we received poetry that conveys all this and more as it relates to the lyrical: poems that reference specific songs, that relate in some way to music, or simply poems that, in and of themselves, sing. In this issue, we’re thrilled to share lyrical new poetry by Grace Lau, James Scoles, Shannon Quinn, Bronwen Tate, and many others. We are also happy to share three in-depth conversations about the relationship between poetry and music. First, we have iconic Canadian musician and songwriter Bruce Cockburn in conversation with acclaimed poet and musician M.D. Dunn. Next, we chat with Brendan Grey, the multitalented MC and leader of Super Duty Tough Work. And finally, we interview the Winnipeg songwriting duo made up of renowned Canadian composer, Glenn Buhr, and award-winning novelist & bad-ass harmonica soloist, Margaret Sweatman.