Mini 2-Day Contest Winner (Part 2!!)

We are thrilled to announce the winner of the latest Mini 2-Day Poem Contest that we played on Saturday!

Nicholas Selig is our winner, for “In The Twilight House”, written using the words “barometric,” “chesterfield,” and “effervescent.” You can read Nicholas’s poem below.

Congrats to Nicholas and thank you to everyone who participated! We hope you had fun, and that you feel proud of the poems you wrote using some of our favourite words from previous 2-Day Contests.

And if you missed the game, don’t fret! The real fun begins April 21-23, with the 2-Day Poem Contest itself. There’s still time to register right here!


In The Twilight House


Our living room arrogated – half bedroom, half-

sanctuary for drug-addled nights, comforter pocked


with cigarette burns. Bare bulbs coaxed out

shadows, your omnipresent glass of Pepsi


sweating on the chipboard, too effervescent

for a space where not much would rise,


& after gorging on sleep, you blamed the headaches

on barometric pressure (heavy air, you had said


in those rare sightings) like Oz straddling

the veil, tacked in the archway for careful separation


lest we disturb the film of anaesthetic,

home a drooping lid, hardly a slit for sight.


I had already gone when they finally arrived.

The reports describe a person found beneath


the overturned chesterfield, cowering

as you did in dreams. Your drink gone flat on the table.