Mini 2-Day Contest Winner (Part 3!)

We are thrilled to announce the winner of the latest Mini 2-Day Poem Contest that we played on Saturday!


Jess Lukie is our winner, for “Bloom,” written using the words “kumquat,” “emanation,” and “etiolate.” You can read Jess’s poem below.

Congrats to Jess and thank you to everyone who participated! We hope you had fun, and that you feel proud of the poems you wrote using some of our favourite words from previous 2-Day Contests.

It’s almost time for the real contest! The 2023 2-Day Contest is April 21-23. We’ll see you then!




You try to tell me of wild plums,

the way they

bruise if picked, how you

plucked them from neighbours’ yards


stolen juices sweet and

sticky, running down your

small brown chins.


We are driving, you are

animated, describing their size,

their colour

searching for the word

in english –

“kumquat?” I offer

determined to know this fruit

as if maybe I could understand

the taste of home in your



but you shake your head,

the emanation of years of having to settle

for the closest word

vapour surrounding us in the car

thick like the heat

of a sun

you haven’t seen in years.


You are a sugarbush

who has never stopped blooming

despite being transplanted

a world away

your brilliance a testament to what grows

when one resists

the world’s best attempts

to etoliate.