Mini 2-Day Contest


Sharpen your pencils and your wits! It’s time for the 2023 2-Day Poem Contest warm up round! We have picked three of the funkiest words from previous years to test your poem writing skills.

✨12pm-6pm CT Saturday, February 18th✨
✨3 words, 6 hours, 1 winner✨

At 12pm CT on February 18th, we’ll be releasing 3 words on our Instagram and Twitter. You then have six hours to use those three words to write a poem and then send it in to us for judging.

In order to play, you must be registered for the 2-Day Poem Contest. If we select you as our winner, your poem will be featured on our social media, and you can choose between having your registration reimbursed, or you can gift it to a friend!

– Each word must be used at least once in the body of the final entry. Words may be used in the title, but must also appear in the body of the poem.
– Each word must be spelled exactly as provided. The words may not be used as proper nouns.
– Each word must be used in the proper context to qualify.
– Only one poem may be entered per participant.
– Poems can be Tweeted at us, DMed to us, or posted in our Instagram comments – just get them in on time!

Follow along on Instagram and Twitter to play!