a new year’s eve



my people are dancing

on Portage and Main

just like they danced there

500 years ago


elders starve for words

settlers refuse to give

pioneers circle their troll wagons

across the internet frontier

injuns! they cry

their arguments fired

with more fear than precision


they don’t understand

Truth is a seed

planted deep

if you want to get it

you have to dig

Katherena Vermette is a Metis writer of poetry, fiction and children’s fiction. Her first full length collection of poetry, North End Love Songs, was released in 2012 (J. Gordon Shillingford), and her first children’s storybook series The Seven Teaching Stories, is forthcoming with Portage and Main Press (estimated release 2014). Her work has appeared in several literary magazines and compilations, including Manitoapow — Aboriginal Writing from the Land of Water (Highwater, 2011) and The Exile Book of Native Fiction and Drama (2010).