Alterations of Every Description

Promises the sign over a tailor’s shop

but presumably sex changes, metamorphoses, translations & -figurations


are excluded, including 

having the life stabbed out of you, nothing alters like stop, 


certainly a stab at mercy since even to degradation 

there are (oddly uneven) gradations,


the hog who’s had his tail docked knows humiliations

though before he’s ham there’s more of him must follow, all will flop,


all we can alter are descriptions. There are no other alterations.

And there are good and bad descriptions. The bad cheapen the chop.


I have altered my descriptions so they cover desecrations, 

our native creations (or creative complications)


completely. Rarely sweetly. Sweetly requires a tire fire tires 

(like its other forms, desire’s) of its torturous ash for trash swap. 

Zell Kravinsky is 59 years old and raising four kids outside Philadelphia; he has two PhDs from Penn and had a successful (though nonliterary) career in business and philanthropy before dedicating himself to poetry.