I’m writing to let you know the microwave is working again. Not because 

anybody fixed it. No one here is that clever. It just started working again. We 

never stopped pushing its buttons. Kind of wore it down I guess. Hope it’s not 

depending on our attention now it’s back in action. We’re not buying the new car

either so I don’t know what Donald will do. Another summer without air 

conditioning may motivate him into gainful employment. But you know how that 

goes. September has a different outlook. Maybe his brother will be married by 

then and moved out of the garage. Then we’d have room if the new car was back 

on the table. I remember when he was born — not Donald, his brother. Two babies 

in one room. Waking each other up night after night. No buttons or ultimatums. 

Only time.

Barbara Baydala is a resident of Ladner, British Columbia. Raised as a scientist, she began writing after her father died in 2006. Five years later she found herself unexpectedly writing poetry. She hopes one day to publish a collection of poems and prose. She is thrilled to be in the 2013 poetry cohort of The Writer’s Studio at Simon Fraser University. She loves history and volunteering with her long-haired dachshund Dobson.