housecat on couch is not 

being poached, aphrodisiac-ed

to extinction, is not lapping 

last water from last pools, 



dog barking neighborhood is not

targeted, telescoped by helicopter

sights, is not the wolf 

of timber circled 

by suit-pack lobbies


post-caffeinated man glimpses 

endangered species

in the rear view; coasting


through another post-Carboniferous 

dawn, the forgotten five-o’clock 

shadow conceals all the hours, all

the vacant, reflected stares

Ben Murray is an Edmonton-based writer and bread pig who was longlisted for the 2011 CBC Canada Writes Creative Non-Fiction Prize and the Best Canadian Poetry in English, 2011 (Tightrope Books). Recent poetry credits include Alberta Views and Vallum. His book of poems, What We’re Left With, was published by Brindle & Glass in 2007.