Dog-star on the brain

This poem won Second place in 2-Day Poem Contest 2003

Barometric saraband: triple-time dance of the thermometer, heat


You fumble for meaning in sweat & inevitability; damp sheets,

inexhaustible sheep & sleep

is a backwards counting of cloven-hoofed creatures & mistakes. (Beguile

the night with

a litany of un-shuteye woes & weather-done-wrong-bys . . . confess

confess confess . . .)


Drought-resignation (litmus-inertia). A spin spin spin cycle of thermal

blankets & hot wash

without water (every faucette tapped-dry and misspelled out of the


A blight on the cursed calendar! A curse on those out-of-this-world dogs!



Unyielding heat. The sun is bloodhound-determined, a relentless badger.

And you . . .

you've lost the will to refrigerate. The last cool shelter now more remote

than Kairo (the sky

has stifled you with paradox & foreign spellings): Amygdala, amygdala . . .


The dogs above angry but you float indifference, a triple-time cloud of


& seashore. Brain-sultry; rain-watery sun. Amygdala, amygdala. A

barometric saraband.