This poem won Third place in 35th Anniversary Contest

another summer’s scorching dog day afternoon

i’m watching the dogs of war and hounds of hell

in their bloody dog-fights

chase the tail of some flea-ridden mongrel country

until it dies a dog’s death and buries its own bones

thrown to the dogs

going to the dogs

with not a dog’s chance of ever being lucky


another hot dog or corn dog dog-cheap

i’m living in the doghouse

and it’s a dog’s life being hounded for love and money

but if you love me you’ll love my 35 dogs

sled and search and rescue dogs

seeing eye and watchdogs

sniffer dogs and bird dogs

prairie dogs too


another winter’s blinding sundogs

i’m barking mad in my hounds-tooth hat

black dog dogging every thought

firedogs ready for the bite of another three-dog-night

i’m dog-tired but now i’ve stepped in it

and i’m left holding the doggy bag

while i let sleeping dogs lie



another hangdog dogsbody with dog breath

i’m reading dog-eared pages

eating a dog’s breakfast and drinking hair of the dog that bit

you can’t teach an old dog new tricks

and so yet again i’m drooling as i stagger up the doglegged staircase

to put on the dog and the dog collar

whining and yapping dogmatic dogma

hush puppy


another spring and it’s raining cats and dogs

dog violets and dog roses blooming

dogfish biting

i’m a sea dog and a salty dog

my dogs ache as i stand and watch the dog-star shine

and i know that this dog has had her day

i’m sicker than a dog and the time has come to roll over and play dead

doggone it anyway