Early morning, PMO

This poem won First place in 2-Day Poem Contest 2010

Hansard, bound in the dead of night, arrives.


Lay the debate open on the table.

Leaf through, take in the gore of question period,

petitions splayed, begging attention like porn or Maclean’s magazine.

Practise self-denial.


Underscore each foible of the opposition including

your own backbenchers run amok

cabinet ministers slipping their collars

forthcoming civil servants

reporters immune to spin.


Mark the impending 4th anniversary of

Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean

with a solemn X and an asterisk

* deadline to appoint my own man.


Eat grit with some greens for breakfast.

Cut up a bloc of cheddar, mild as the NDP.

Slake your thirst for deficit spending with some domestic 

sparkling wine and celebratory cuts

to the CBC.


Tune into CPAC.


Watch the culture slowly grow

not spindly and wan, but

resistant as dandelions, prairie fires, like 

the exaggerations on lobbyists’ CV’s

too numerous to counter.


It was easier to etiolate democracy.

That took but a note to the Governor General,

a prorogation, or two.


Admit she came in handy that way.