In which position is the comb held when tapering the hair with clippers? 

a)    above the wingspan of a northern harrier

b)    below a gifted actor’s sheared eyebrows

c)    after the poet’s first marriage


When cutting hair with medium graduation, at what angle is the hair to be held?

a)    45 degrees from a widow’s recline

b)    parallel to newlywed’s failure as singles

c)    obtuse, legs souvenired by standing


A client has a very high forehead. Which style is most suitable?

a)    classical romance on the high seas 

b)    instant polaroid photographs

c)    eye control in a three-way mirror


When cutting an elevated bob, where does sectioning begin? 

a)    in the poet’s basement

b)    under next year’s mayday decorations 

c)    chapter one


What effect will a damp comb have on thermal straightened hair?

a)    lip-curled singing

b)    self-imposed vanity regulations 

c)    accumulation of unbraided laws


When performing a virgin lighter on a client, the colour should be applied ____.

a)    with catchphrases and obscure book titles

b)    on the doorstep of a natural parting

c)    between two fertility brochures


What would provide an even base from which to work during a tint back procedure?

a)    a small town populated with cell phones

b)    hailstones on a speeding taxi

c)    a room filled with instant dreams


To perform a bevel-under effect, the blade is positioned behind the section of the hair and moved in ____.

a)    contradictions and damp orifices

b)    maps that defy direction

c)    humidity borne client shock


Which of the following angles best represents low projection?

a)    a crisis of belonging

b)    one-handed slanting opposite the sun

c)    depilatory insanity


Hydrogen bonds can be broken by ____.

a)    petroglyphs of yes and no

b)    filament streets wide as fantasies

c)    straight incantations, air waving hello

Tracy Hamon was born in Regina, Saskatchewan. She holds an MA in English from the University of Regina and is the author of three books of poetry. In 2015, Red Curls won the 2015 Drs. Jacqui and Morris Schumiatcher Regina Book Award.