These geese have accomplished what they were born for: 

tedious flight north, nest building on a river bank, 

eggs laid and warmed. Not least the long 

weeks of waiting for shells to crack and voila! 

the expected surprise. On murky water


goose and gander float regally with the current, 

trailed by the fruit of their goose labour, goose love. 


A crow couple clamped to a willow branch. 

Four jet eyes nail the goslings, a succulent quartet

that sooner or later will amble up the muddy bank.  

The crows rehearse a hoarse caw, caw, caw,

hone beak and claw, practise surprise dives 


to disperse goose and gander. With lethal speed,

the crows accomplish what they were born for.

Sarah Klassen is a Winnipeg poet and fiction writer. Her most recent poetry collections are: Monstrance (2012) and A Curious Beatitude (2006), which received the Canadian Authors Association Award for poetry. Her work has been published in various literary journals including CV2. Recently her work has appeared, or will shortly appear, in Image Magazine, Christian Century and Exile Quarterly.