The khaki Humvee hits a bump

in the tarmac and the back

wheels blow off, the rims

scraping sparks as the whole

thing slews into sand and those

who are leaving forever

their bombed out homes turn

in the glare and cheer

their tongues fluttering shrill

falsettos as what they don’t have

to fear or hate anymore bursts

into flame and the screams

of ordinary flesh dim to nothing

at all in the crackle and hiss

as black smoke churns

but stays like a tall ruck in the blue

absence of anything anyone

can remember about their lives

before a nest of lies hatched

without eyes and blinded the world.

George Amabile has published eight books and has had work in over a hundred national and international venues, including the New Yorker. His most recent book is Tasting the Dark: New and Selected Poems (The Muses Company, 2001). A long poem, Dancing, With Mirrors will be published by Porqupine’s Quill in 2011.