It begins

It begins with betrayal

In not being able to express

The crushed grape in your chest

The taste of morgue in your mouth

And how the lions in your eyes are all dying

Your voice has become mummified

In a sarcophagus of incest


But the Egyptians used honey

To preserve their vital organs

So your mind begins to flower

And you come up with new ways of speaking

Mohawks on skateboards

Tattoos underwater, a guillotine of scarring


Maybe you become bad weather

Thunder belly and hail storm

Acid rain tarantulas making the world barren


Maybe you become music

Because it’s the only thing you’ve ever loved

That’s never hurt you


Maybe you become

Empty coffee cups on the sidewalk

Paper pizza pie plates in the garbage

Maybe you’re the stoic forest

Clear-cut, never replanted

Slowly eroding

With red wine and vomit

RC Weslowski is a clown mouth full of x-ray visions attempting to get at the heart of things. RC is a spoken word performer based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada who enjoys bouncing off the walls of your mind. He has written one-person shows for theatre (“The Wet Dream Catcher” and “The Cruelest Phone Book in the World”) and performed them at Canadian fringe theatre festivals. In 2011, RC won the Canadian Individual Poetry Slam Championships and has been a seven-time member of the Vancouver Poetry Slam Team. RC has produced four spoken word CDs including Plattapussy, For Promo Use Only, The Sound of One Hand Napping and Maccaca Fuscata Autodidact.