Lean dream

I track the errant tides, irregular ebb and flow.

I open my mouth to suck

in water, I blow it back out, godlike,

salt residue on my lips. I am ravenous


for the wet breath of earth after spring

rains, the slip of cotton across my breasts.

I cannot let go. The moon blooms and thins.

My muscles grow lean, joints supple.

I know there are others—


corporeal, hungry, somewhere here,

this marsh or the next

or the next where the red wing

blackbird sings its liquid song and I do

not see it, I do not see it, but I hear it

and I know it is kin. 

Tamiko Beyer is the author of We Come Elemental (Alice James Books, 2013) and bough breaks (Meritage Press, 2011). She is the associate communications director at Corporate Accountability International where she harnesses the written word to challenge some of the most powerful and abusive corporations in the world.