Marine Biology

You asked me if I knew how kite fish

kiss, and I said I didn’t

and you leaned forward,

slid your lips quickly over mine,

and then pulled your head up and away,

as if it had been picked up by a gust of wind.


It was a great pantomime

but you forgot the grass

and the string

and the child

and the running.

Each as much a part of kites

as the sun

and the flying

and the wind

and the slow tug of


in your hand.

Andrew Battershill is the co-editor of Dragnet Magazine. He is currently completing his MA in English in the field of Creative Writing at the University of Toronto under the mentorship of Pasha Malla. His work has appeared in Headlight Anthology, NAP Magazine, Burner Magazine, Untoward Magazine and Soliloquies Anthology.