Object #6

                        the centre. the image that holds. her figure. 

                        where she is across time.


if far away or close up or 

ripped out or 

feet in       

sand or 

pink plastic shoes 

 left like cinderella 

but not cinderella 

on a beach 

there are no pumpkins  

but things that

 float (or drift) in back before 

rip and memory before 

wood and rot 


before smile and head tilt 

and whiteness that becomes

blackness with

the right light and liquid and swaying

motion side side.

Born in London (the younger one), brandy ryan studied poetry and poetics at the University of Western Ontario and the University of Toronto, where she received a PhD in 2008. She now works as a creative consultant in Toronto, where she also watches hockey and hangs out in art galleries. Her current project is an ekphrastic/found art hybrid of tidewrack from the streets of Toronto and New York City.