racemic interludes

and you

opening after to my

opening also


your mouth

breaks in less words, more life forms

a wave or

one look before the plunge to kingdoms


instead where barriers were

deserts unify

rain cuts through the endless surround

like the space of body markings


counting hair on a forearm

how many times come back

to maps again and contortion

out of them


for instance

your eyes dreaming of tigers


even kiln patterns match

themselves, but not to burn

names for things—unless I meet you

at the window; you part curtains


it was a world just watching you

I can mention in discard


will the cataracts roar over night fires


there’s your precision of lonely hours

already written in, collapse

to that freeze neighbouring


my opening after yours also


no stone pack to receipt hurt

layers let drift and drop off

with shoulders replied by a touch

vocabulary, juncture of your presence


that’s the beauty of it I see now

we attempted every settling to the end,

withheld the quartz outcome

for the walk home