reality wayfarers

you know the story

how the narrative shifts

anticipates departure

like sealing wax

or the broken logic of punishment


the last train gone past

tears breaking towns into raindrop windows

turn up the music    lace can be so cruel

and summer is really over


listen    listen

this night is crying

strangers wait in an endless series of rooms

stalls in the flea market of being


reality is bound to nothing

but a chain-of-events history

everything is what you already know

handful of sand    a farewell in stages

or a cautionary tale


you wear an old dress

name tag pinned to the collar

your pocketbook is full of gold stars


crows follow the woman you used to be

they will steal anything small and shiny

Linda King’s poetry has appeared in numerous literary venues in Canada and internationally including EVENT, CV2, Prairie Fire, Gargoyle, Orbis and NthPosition. Her collection, Dream Street Details, is forthcoming from Shoe Music Press in 2013. Her work will also appear in Alive at the Center an anthology of poets from Portland, Seattle and Vancouver (Ooligan Press, 2013).