The day dawns on and undoes us

The wet sand and sweat that mortared 

our hands since dusk scorched

and mouldered to dust. Still


sunlight can’t unlight 

a candle once lit— it 

   can only conceal

it— can steal thunder, not


flame. An untamed ember

glints in your eyes, as I watch you 

watching the sun rise. You won’t


look me in mine — you won’t 

let me let you immolate me.

Andrew Eastman holds a 4-year BA in Creative Writing from the University of Winnipeg. His poetry has been featured in the Winnipeg Free Press, Juice, rip/torn, and CV2. While poetry is his primary art form, Andrew is also the co-founder of Synonym Art Consultation, a local arts initiative in Winnipeg that is committed to providing unique and meaningful opportunities to artists in all mediums.