The world is a bad, bad place:

The world is a bad, bad place 


And I know 

Oh, I would know! 


Born backwards 

big on my birthday 

crawled cringing to the cradle 

of doctors slapping 


          It’s a boy! 

          It’s a boy! 


My youth exaggerated: 


Terrorist skinned knees 

Genocidal snake fangs 

The devil bites bee stings 

into the dread of Styrofoam molds 


And it only gets worse:


We trade our halos for nooses 

and capital punishment our choir of angels 

In a scapegrace ascension to heaven 

we leap off the top rope

into rings of uncertainty 


We grew up to be:


Cowering redwoods 

shamed beneath our own shadows 

We are growing up lumberjack 

In a world of paper mill executions 

We give chainsaw eulogies 

at clear cut funerals 

Aaron Simm is a spoken word artist, hiphop artist, and workshop facilitator living in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He is a multiple-time Winnipeg Poetry Slam Grand Champion, and has shared his poetry on stages all across the country. His work has previously been featured at the Saskatchewan Festival of Words, the Winnipeg International Writers Festival and the Brandon Folk Festival. Aaron also enjoys writing raps, rants, haiku, short stories and biographies about himself.