Three poems about being transparent

Personne ne pleure

pourtant la nuit est cousue par tous les côtés

au bord du vide

la statue penche dangereusement

et pourrait à tout moment tomber

les ailes de l’oiseau sont agrafées au ciel

à l’angle plus mort du vide

l’occurrence d’un cri

       ou bien le sein blessé

             par la pointe d’une aiguille

                   a laissé

                         un petit trou unique

à la place de l’œil


Nobody is crying

Yet the night is sewn on all sides

on the edge

the statue leans dangerously

and could fall down at any time

the wings of the bird are stapled to the sky on the blindest angle of the void

the occurrence of a scream

       or even a breast injured

             by the tip of a needle

                   has left

                         a single tiny hole

instead of an eye

Ivan de Monbrison is a French poet, writer and artist who lives in Paris and Marseille. His poems and short stories have appeared in several literary magazines in France, Italy, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Switzerland and in the United States. Five poetry chapbooks of his work have been published: L’ombre déchiréeJournalLa corde à nuOssuaire and Sur-Faces. His novels include Les Maldormants (2014), L’Heure Impure (2016) and Orgasmes et Fantaisies (2016).