untitled, november 23, 2006

why breathe air. why feet


would you want to trust another technology.

other than what you can see that breaks.


there is nothing more satisfying than the   smashing of ink on paper

i like the violence of it.      the collusion. as if my thoughtshave

impact.    mistakes are forever. and new paths  .  and

theres a sound and rhythm to it.  not like insects that scurry.


you  never relied on electricity before.   or ever again.

i like timing.    and looking out windows.

connection with the page  .  with a page.


everyone loves a typewriter.    it has the word writer in it.

no one wants to grow up to be a “puter.”

eventually typing is a skill set that is being lost.      this is the



pause     thought.   scroll.    type.    type.