Weather Warning

Chinook winds gusting to 80 km/h

This afternoon the wind's

on a barometric rush

ripping the last brown leaves from November poplars

beguiling the litmus-pink

out of frozen geraniums.

It's a manic phase

the wind is loath to lose

a boisterous gene from the Roaring Forties

that makes it fumble plywood

down a dead end alley

badger sullen cardboard boxes

into unaccustomed air.

The wind's multi-lingual, been around the world

more than once

blustering words from billboards

wherever it roams

Calgary nach Kairo

and on to Hong Kong

barefoot in a wild saraband the wind

won't dance alone.

The joyful have no patience with inertia

all's stop and go

like an oversized puppy

untrained to the leash.

Don't sing the wind Gimme shelter

it never will. Let it drink

old snow, lap ice from the outdoor faucet

take you someplace

you've never been before.