Foster Poetry Prize Winners!

Announcing the Winners of the 2023 Foster Poetry Prize!

Huge congratulations to Sasha Pickering, whose poem “Fundament” was selected by judge Emily Riddle as the Grand Prize winner! Sasha will receive $1000 in prize money, and her poem will appear in the upcoming spring 2024 issue of CV2!

Big congratulations, also, to Cicely Grace, Henry Heavyshield, and Gwen Aube, winners of the second place, third place, and honourable mention prizes, respectively. Cicely, Henry, and Gwen will each receive cash prizes as well, and their poems will also appear in the spring issue!

Read on to hear what Emily had to say about the judging process and the winning poems –

“While ruminating on the shortlist for the Foster Poetry Prize, I regained a faith in the ability of poetry to balm wounds, challenge our current world order, and chronicle the strange/wonderful timeline we inhabit. I feel inspired to return to my own poetry practice.

The First Place Winner, Sasha Pickering’s “Fundament”, had so many gut punching lines that stuck with beyond reading through this list of poems. This poem is propulsive, skilled, and witty. This poem reminded me of the delicious tension of being both sovereign in our individualities and wholly bled into one another. I will think about the ending line “Don’t expect too much of me, you say, to which I reply I only expect the world” for a long time.

Cicely Williams, the second place winner, immediately had my attention with their brilliant prose poem “Buying a Pregnancy Test in October or Schrodinger’s Fetus.” As someone who grew up in a hair salon, I love the contrast between the everyday mission of adornment contrasted with the contemplation of a more permanent decision. The writer asks us to consider whether the poem itself cares. The poem itself is a character in this story. I would like to keep reading and I will think about what my poems themselves think.”

The third-place winner, Henry Heavyshield, wrote a prairie epic in a poem, which is not an easy task. I found myself entranced by the language and rhythm in “winter counting, an honour song for prairie allies.” The poet takes us on a journey through familiar prairies scenes and situations, with masterful use of language, including a bit of Blackfoot.

I chose “raised by wolves” by Gwen Aube as the honorable mention poem. At first, I was completely enamored that I was reading a poem that mentioned Neopets and Inuyasha. After a full read through, I was enamored by this poet’s ability to host us within this world of nostalgia and honesty.

I am so glad I was able to spend some time with each of these poems. I look forward to seeing these poets flourish beyond this contest, as the world is giving us much to write to/for currently. It was a pleasure to be the 2023 Foster Poetry Prize Judge.”

– Emily Riddle

CV2 Holiday Wine Raffle Winners!

We’re thrilled to announce the lucky winners of the CV2 Holiday Wine Raffle!

🥇 Grand Prize (15 Bottles): Kathy Block
🥈 Second Prize (10 Bottles): Lindsay Thomas
🥉 Third Prize (5 Bottles): Lindsey Childs

A huge congratulations to our winners! We hope you enjoy your delightful wine haul.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the raffle. Your generosity helps us continue supporting authors, workshops, and more. Stay tuned for more exciting events and chances to engage with the CV2 community.

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CV2 Holiday Wine Raffle!

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Foster Poetry Prize Deadline Extension


You know how we all pretend there’s not going to be an encore after a musical performance, but we all know that there will be?…

You knew it was coming: we’re extending the deadline to submit to the 2023 Foster Poetry Prize!

Listen – we’re poets! We all procrastinate! It’s ok! And now you have a whole extra week to procrastinate some more. But AFTER THAT it’s really time to finalize those poems, save those documents, and send your best work our way. No double encores here! Gotta submit by Nov 8th for your chance to have your work judged by the great Emily Riddle and win $1000 and publication in CV2.

The Foster Poetry Prize is a writing contest for emerging poets. The prize is awarded to the author of the single best submitted poem, along with $1000 and publication in CV2. Three honourable mentions are also awarded, each with a cash prize and publication in CV2. Participating poets can be any age, but must not have previously published a full-length book of poetry (chapbooks are fine). All entrants must be willing to provide proof of their publication history if requested.

Click here for the full guidelines.

Fall Issue Launch

ID: Text graphic with a reddish brown background, an image of the Fall 2024 Issue of CV2, and the following text in a white font. Text: Fall Issue Launch. Featuring readings by: Sanna Wani, Samantha Martin-Bird, Hoa Nguyen, Amy LeBlanc, Alexander Hollenberg, Julian Day. Wednesday, Oct 25th. On Zoom / Free to Attend / Registration Required. 5pm Pacific / 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern

Join us next Wednesday, Oct 25, on Zoom, as we launch our Fall issue!

With readings from contributors Sanna Wani, Samantha Martin-Bird, Hoa Nguyen, Amy LeBlanc, Alexander Hollenberg & Julian Day, you’re not going to want to miss it!

Click here to register.
We prioritize making our events as accessible as possible. This event is free to attend, and will feature live ASL interpretation, closed captioning, and access texts. If you would like to attend and have access needs we should accommodate, please let us know!

Summer 2023 Issue Launch

ID: Text graphic with a white background, featuring an image of the Summer Issue of CV2 (which shows a fractal collage of images of a summer sky, trees, and water), and the following text in blue and grey fonts. Text: Summer Issue Launch. Readings by Sydney Hegele, Hope Lauterbach, Domenica Martinello & Cassandra Myers. Aug 9 - 5pm PDT/7pm CDT/8pm EDT. Zoom (free to attend, registration required

Join us Wednesday, August 9th, on Zoom for our Summer Issue launch, featuring readings by our lovely contributors Sydney Hegele, Hope Lauterbach, Domenica Martinello, and Cassandra Myers!

This free event requires registration in order to attend.

We prioritize making our events as accessible as possible. The event will include live ASL interpretation, closed captioning, and access texts. If you would like to attend and have any access needs that we should accommodate, please let us know!

2-Day Poem Contest 2023 Winners

We’re thrilled to announce the winners of this year’s CV2 2-Day Poem Contest, as selected by our judge (and last year’s winner) Dessa Bayrock; our editors; our editor John Elizabeth Stintzi’s mom; and you!

These poets crafted some stunning poems over the course of 48 hours, using a dastardly ten-word list, and you’ll get to read all of them in our fall 2023 issue!

First Place: Alexander Hollenberg, “origin story, with crow”

“This poem constructs a new mythos in the space of a flying bird, evoking the rich world around the crow as vividly as an oil painting, as an exactly focused photograph, as the sun itself. This poem makes the reader want to hold their breath, just as one might when watching a bird in a daredevil dive towards the water. The imagery feels effortless in its vividity — a new cosmos in the ink of her wing, connecting the drowned to what cannot be drowned. Here we see the promise of something else, of something more — of something like joy or possibility, or simply the feeling of fitting smoothly against every other piece that makes up this moment. The result feels like a full breath, like fresh air, like falling into the inky blackness of a crow’s feathers.” – Dessa Bayrock, Judge

Second Place: Kristin Gustafson, “when I told my father I wanted to die: a contrapuntal”

“The masterful balance between form and content, here, is immense, delicate, almost calorific in its sustenance. It is rare to read a poem with a form so tightly defined whose narrative path is still relaxed enough to meander, surprise, and delight. Poems of this type are designed to be read in a variety of ways, sure, but the result is usually one dominant way to read the poem, where the most sense can be found, and a few subjugated alternatives. Here, the three ways I found to read the poem feel like three people clasping arms, speaking as if in a greek chorus. The narrative wanders beautifully, but knows the markers of the path and always packs a compass, encourages the reader to explore its tangents and promises to be found again whenever we are ready to return to its trail markers. Despite the heaviness inherent in a poem about suicide, this poem remains steadily — sometimes painfully — hopeful, in a way that feels honest and true rather than forced or saccharine.” – Dessa Bayrock, Judge

Third Place: Roshni Riar, “in search of a second opinion”

“The narrative of this poem is beautifully laid out, like a thread winding through each stanza, as it develops a photo of something specific and unlocks a deeper universal feeling — of helplessness, of anger, of dis/connection with the body. The choice to use all lower-case letters beautifully underscores the speaker’s helplessness, vulnerability, and the final lines both recentre us into the specificity of the body and act as a portal into a body that doesn’t exist — a body that can hold anything, withstand anything, and produce layers and niches within itself where anyone or anything could hide.” – Dessa Bayrock, Judge

Editor’s Choice: Alycia Primohamed, “My ancestor’s body is a beloved ecosystem”

Editor’s Mom’s Choice: Délani Valin, “How I stopped fearing elevators and other confined spaces”

People’s Choice: Paula Turcotte, “A Short Play Featuring Neural Pathways”


People’s Choice — 2023 2-Day Poem Contest

UPDATE: The votes are in! “A Short Play Featuring Neural Pathways” by Paula Turcotte is the Winner of the People’s Choice Award!

Before we can announce the winners of this year’s 2-Day Poem Contest, we need your help determining who will win People’s Choice! Here you can read all five poems that are finalists for the award. Simply click on the links to view the poems, and vote for your favourite! Voting will remain open until 11:59pm CT on Wednesday, June 28th and all winners will be announced on Friday, June 30th.

“A Short Play Featuring Neural Pathways” by Paula Turcotte

“Autobiography” by Karan Kapoor


“L’dor Va’dor” by Erin Kirsh

“A Reverse Elegy (wherein the hands of the clock are the hands of a baby who has yet to discover she has hands)” by Shannan Mann

First Friday – June 2nd!

Winnipeg! This fun, free event is happening this Friday, June 2nd!

Join us from 6-8:30pm for an evening of poetry readings, poetic video screenings, snacks, and community!

This free event will begin with readings from three recent local contributors to CV2, Erin McGregor, Sue Sorensen, and Hillarie Tasche. We’ll follow this up with a screening of our recent Prairie Poets Video Series, featuring videos of local poets Azka Ahmed, Yelani Peiris, Marjorie Poor, Jennifer Still, Ella Taylor, and Winnipeg’s Poet Laureate Chimwemwe Undi. This video series was generously funded by The Winnipeg Foundation!

6:00pm to 8:30pm at Video Pool, in the Artspace building at 100 Arthur Street in the Exchange

This venue is accessible, and live ASL interpretation will be provided during the readings. Masking will be strongly encouraged.

We can’t wait to share all this poetry with you! We hope you’ll join us!