Road Conditions

This poem won Third place in 2-Day Poem Contest 2008

january weather is agitated daily along

the four-oh-one. each nimbus vessel

pausing to think before sloughing

ice, rain, snow, hail.

this is one nervous system.


each passing article describes

the rising, the freezing

point punctured, and winds, not

content with tree branches,


rattle the burlington skyway, aiming

to wrench free cars that seem burned

to the road. these hearts of the cities,

exhausting all welcome,

skid, pile, buckle


like cancered chests, asphalt filling

each separate thorax, wedged solidly

between everything needed. the finest

filament sews while fumes seep


into the grand river. swelling like any

wound, waters paint the sleeping grass

sienna. but this muck is no proof

of spring. there is such desperation

in the lack of birds.